• How much is the entry fee?

    The day ride is £50.

    The 5 day ride is £560 and includes four nights accommodation and food for all five days.

  • How much do I have to raise?

    We are encouraging single stage riders to raise at least £500 and 5 day riders to raise at least £2000. All funds raised will be shared amongst the six children’s hospitals involved and will be invested in innovation projects which will deliver tangible improvements to children’s experiences in hospital and to child health.

  • Can you help me set up my fundraising page?

    We are working with Just Giving for our fundraising for #TOO500.

    If you do not have a Just Giving Account then you can set one up during the process outlined below:

    1. Click here to start setting up your Just Giving Page
    2. This should take you to the #TOO500 main fundraising page
    3. From there click on the Orange 'Start Fundraising' Button which will then direct you to set up your own page, which will link to the overall page
  • What if I want to only do part of the ride?

    You can do a single day, 2 single days, 3 single days or 4 of the 5. We do not currently cater for riders to do part of a stage, but if you have a specific request, please email too500@thinkingofoscar.com

  • Can I pay my entry fee in instalments?

    We do not have the facility to take payment in instalments. You can register to secure your place via the follow link.

  • I would like to know what the entry fee goes towards?

    Your entry fee is a contribution towards the costs of staging this event. From the professional event management team, to mechanical and medical support, snacks and refreshments at pit stops and lunches. A full list of what is included for individual day riders and 5 day riders can be found below the route on the home page of this website.

  • Do I need to take out my own insurance?

    The event will be covered by third party public and products liability insurance. However, if you wish to carry your own insurance for your bike and yourself, there are a variety of insurance options which you can procure.

  • What are the terms and conditions of this ride?

    Please find a line to the terms and conditions here

  • Who is organising this event?

    The event is being organised by Thinking of Oscar who have appointed Zing Management Ltd as their event directors. You can read more about Thinking of Oscar here

  • What do I need to bring?

    You will need a bike in good working order and a suitable cycle helmet.

    You should prepare for all types of weather – cold, wet, hot and bring appropriate clothing to suit these conditions. Day bags will be able to be accessed at lunch on each day, so swapping out clothing during the ride will not be a problem.

    Bring spare inner tubes and a simple bike tool kit. Although we will have mechanics on the route, it may be quicker in some instances to service yourself.

    For 5 day riders, bring appropriate clothing for the evening to get changed into and for the day riders, bring appropriate clothing to keep you warm for your journey home.

  • How much kit is provided and is a laundry service available?

    No laundry service is provided as standard. We are currently in conversations with each of the hotels to understand if this is something they would be able to provide for a fee.

    5 day riders will be provided with two TOO500 Cycling Jerseys. They, and single stage riders, will be able to purchase additional kit via our kit partners Quest Sportswear. For further information (including sizing) please email us at too500@thinkingofoscar.com

  • What time do I need to be at the start?

    Departure times will be communicated closer to the time, however please assume that each days will begin at around 08:00 each morning. Please aim to arrive at least 1 hour before to register / drop bags / ask any questions you have and link up with your Ride Leader before departure.

  • What is the daily run schedule?

    The schedule will be published 4 weeks prior to the event on the event website

  • What happens to my luggage while I ride?

    All luggage will be delivered to the finish line.

    For 5 day riders, luggage will be placed into the room of your overnight accommodation.

    For day riders, you will be able to pick it up at the end of the ride.

    Day bags will be transported to the lunch stop on each day (approx. mile 50) in case you need to get anything out of it (for example spare dry clothes etc).

  • What is the typical speed of a rider?

    There will be riders of mixed abilities and typically we would expect to see speeds ranging from an average of 12mph up to 18/20mph. In order to complete the 100 mile ride, we would expect riders to maintain 12mph as an average as a minimum in order to be complete by 18:00. This is a very comfortable speed for most people. If you have any concerns then please email us on too500@thinkingofoscar.com

  • I am a single day rider. How do I get home at the end of the event?

    We will be aiming to get all 1 day riders to a suitable transport hub in order that they can make their way home at the end of each day, should you not be able to have someone on hand to meet you. If you have any questions about this then please email us on too500@thinkingofoscar.com

  • I am a 5 day rider. Where will we be staying?

    Hotels will be arranged on each of the 4 overnight stays (June 12,13,14 &15) for the 5 day riders. Final information on hotel location will be communicated around 3 - 4 weeks prior to the event.

  • What hotels have been booked and what are the room arrangements?

    All hotel rooms are twin occupancy unless you wish to pay an additional premium for a single room. Hotel locations will be included in the rider information pack which will be available 3 – 4 weeks prior to the event.

  • Is accommodation included on the night before and the night after the ride?

    Accommodation is only provided for those doing the 5 day ride and will not be included the night before or after the ride. All riders are welcome to book additional nights accommodation via the registration portal.

  • I need to let the organisers know about my dietary requirements and preferences.

    We will contact all riders prior to the event to ask them to confirm dietary requirements. When you register to secure your place our registration process also allows you to provide this type of information and you are always welcome to contact us direct via too500@thinkingofoscar.com

  • Are there pit stops along the route?

    There are 3 pit stops on each day at roughly 25 miles, 50 miles and 75 miles. The 50 mile stop is a full lunch stop. You can see our provisional lunch and pit stops listed on our route map here

  • What gels and other snacks will be available at the pit-stops?

    Information of what will be at each feed station will be included in the rider information pack 3 – 4 weeks prior to the event.

  • I would like to know how many miles I will be cycling each day?

    Each ride is approximately 100 miles, although some days are slightly longer please check out the route guides on the home page of this website for full details.

  • I would like to download a gpx file of the route map.

    These will be available 3-4 weeks prior to the event.

  • I would like to view the entire route.

    You can view the entire route here

  • I would like to understand the sign posting for the route.

    The route will not be signed, but each rider will be provided with a GPX file and will be led by an ability seeded group ride leader of approximately 10 people per group. Riders can move up or move down at pit stops if they feel they are not with the right group.

  • How much training will I need to do?

    100 miles is a significant challenge for the 1 day riders. We would advise that you do plenty of training and ensure you are happy to ride at least 70 – 80 miles at 12mph prior to the event.

    For those doing the 5 day ride, it’s more than 100 miles per day for 5 days, which requires you to prepare thoroughly. We would expect you to prepare by doing some organised rides at 100 mile distance to prepare yourself for what to expect on each day.

    Attempt to ride a good distance every day for 5 days in order to get a feel for what your body can cope with.

    There are 3 opportunities to stop, refuel and rest on each day, but it is a challenge which requires plenty of preparation.

  • What support will there be on the ride?

    Full mechanic and medical service will be provided to cover all riders. We ask riders to bring a simple bike tool kit and spare inner tubes to deal with simple issues, in order to make the process quicker.

  • I have another question.

    Please email too500@thinkingofoscar.com